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Tel: 603.623.3832
Fax: 603.623.2959


Swanson's Die is a
Swanson Die Company, Inc.
is a Member of IADD & CDI
(Cutting Die Institute)

Custom Dies with Presentation Cases
Made in the USA

About Swanson's Die
Swanson's Die Company, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1949. With our commitment to quality and dedication of family and experienced employees, we continue to be a very competitive and proven leader in the die making industry.

Clicker Dies
These dies are bent to a pattern or sketch provided by the customer. A simple definition of these dies is to equate them to a “steel cookie cutter”. They may be single or double edged.

CNC Milled & Machined Dies
This type of cutting die is made from a solid steel plate and milled to the specifications of your blueprint, template, or CAD file. Dies made on a manual milling machine can usually achieve a tolerance of +/- .010 to .015. Flat bed machine dies accurately trim clicker blockers and hold a consistent distance from knife to perf.

Misc & Combo Dies
Combination dies in its simplicity is being able to utilize the full capabilities of all of our different departments and types of dies we manufacture to accomplish what other steel rule or clicker die makers cannot. We are able to bring a different viewpoint with design and manufacture in mind because of the varied types of dies we manufacture.

Steel Rule Dies
Steel rule dies are manufactured for a widely diverse group of industries from automotive to packaging, electronics, and medical.

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Contact Swanson's Die Company, Inc. for clicker dies, CNC milled and machined dies, steel rule dies and combination dies.

Swanson's Die Company, Inc.
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