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Tel: 603.623.3832
Fax: 603.623.2959


Swanson's Die is a

Swanson Die Company, Inc.
is a Member of IADD & CDI
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Custom Dies with Presentation Cases
Made in the USA

Solid Milled Dies:

This type of cutting die is made from a solid steel plate and milled to the specifications of your blueprint, template, or CAD file. Dies made on a manual milling machine can usually achieve a tolerance of +/- .010 to .015.

We can also achieve greater accuracy on our CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling machine. Producing cutting dies of this type can achieve a guaranteed tolerance of +/- .005 when critical tolerances are required. Often milled dies are produced in place of a bent clicker die when features in the cutting knife are small or very intricate and unable to be bent with a strip of steel. Another great feature of a solid milled die is the absence of a welded joint, which eliminates points of weakness in the stability of the cutting edge.

Flat Bed Machine Dies:

Flat bed machine dies accurately trim clicker blockers and hold a consistent distance from knife to perf. They put in the detail work that is too costly to incorporate in each clicker die within a size run. We make dies for Model G, Model H, Model L, Sp, RMH, and Kickpress machines. Our dies can include knife, perf, milled impression marker, imitation stitch, pinking, drop-ins, adjustable and removable die sections as well as stationary, graduated, and adjustable gauges.

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