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Tel: 603.623.3832
Fax: 603.623.2959


Swanson's Die is a

Swanson's Die Company, Inc.
is Member of IADD & CDI
(Cutting Die Institute)

Custom Dies with Presentation Cases
Made in the USA

Miscellaneous and Combination Dies

Mallet Handle Dies:

A Mallet Handle die is essentially a clicker die with a handle attached to it. Die cut shapes and sizes can be as varied as circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, ellipses, and just about any design shape you require.

Mallet Handle Dies Combination Dies

This type of die is used by striking the top of the handle with a mallet much in the same fashion as a hand punch, making this type of die a viable option for customers who do not possess a die cutting press.

Combination Dies:

A Combination Die in its simplicity is using the capabilities of all of our different departments and types of dies we manufacture to accomplish what other steel rule or clicker die shops cannot. We are able to bring a different viewpoint with design and manufacture in mind because of the varied types of dies we are able to manufacture.

Jobs that may seem very difficult or impossible to tool are a welcome challenge for the staff at Swanson’s Die Co., Inc.
Mallet Handle Dies Combination Dies

Because of our close association with assorted vendors we are able to provide steel for jigs, fixtures, and stripper plates with the ability to laser cut or water jet complicated design features.

Because of our varied capabilities we are able to manufacture a very diverse range of products and services as described below.

Mallet Handle Dies Combination Dies

Here is just a sampling of the products and services we are able to provide.

Custom Punches
Adjustable Gauges
Mallet Handle Dies
Assembly Fixtures
RF Dies
Metal Fabrication
Stripping Fixtures
Custom Die Sets
Mallet Handle Dies Combination Dies
Mallet Handle Dies Combination Dies If you have a design or fabrication challenge that is causing you problems or headaches, the staff a Swanson’s Die Co., Inc. would welcome the chance to consult with your engineers and designers to provide the best possible solution for your company and customers.

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