Manufacturers of Cutting Dies, Clicker Dies and Steel Rule Dies Since 1949

141 Queen City Ave
Manchester, NH 03103

Tel: 603.623.3832
Fax: 603.623.2959
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Tel: 603.623.3832
Fax: 603.623.2959

Swanson's Die is a

Swanson’s Die Company, Inc. is a Member of IADD & CDI
(Cutting Die Institute)

Custom Dies with Presentation Cases
Made in the USA

Swanson’s Die Company, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1949.

With our commitment to quality and dedication of family and experienced employees, Swanson’s Die Co., Inc. continues to be a competitive and proven leader in the die making industry. In addition to our experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen we utilize and combine some of the worlds oldest forged die technology with the newest computerized technology available in the die making industry today.

With the combined use of the latest technologies like CNC’s and computerized auto benders we are able to blend the old world technologies with the new to solve most die cutting problems.

Combine unmatched quality, fast turnarounds, with competitive pricing, Swanson’s Die Co., Inc. has the solutions for your die making needs. If you are looking for solutions then Swanson’s is the company for you.

It has been proven that with the diversity of our customer base we are able to solve most die cutting problems.

Swanson’s Die Co., Inc. is a very detail and quality orientated company and appreciates the opportunity to be able to work with your company in establishing the goals to make your company successful.

Swanson's Die Company Combo dies steel
Swanson Die Company, Inc.

141 Queen City Avenue
Manchester, NH. 03103-7190

Telephone: (603)-623-3832

Facsimile: (603)-623-2959

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Swanson's Die Company, Inc.
141 Queen City Ave · Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
Telephone: (603)-623-3832
Facsimile: (603)-623-2959

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